To say it’s been a busy time for us at Brenne would be a dramatic understatement … just take a cue from our lack of time to even update you on all that’s been happening here on our blog (aka: none published on this page in the entire 2014 calendar year)! And thankfully, the start of 2015 has been no different in terms of Brenne’s growth and success.

In 2014, with the help and support of Classic Imports, Brenne grew its distribution across the USA to 28 States, adding Maine in January of 2015 bringing our current total to 29. Twenty nine!!! Not bad for a company that has only been on the market for 2.5 years!

Then in March 2015, I was in Paris launching Brenne in France through Les Whiskies du Monde. (If you or someone you know wants to find Brenne for sale in France or stock it in your store, please email us on our Contact Us page and we’ll get someone at LWDM to help you!).

Brenne in France


Not only that, we continue to be regularly featured and written about in the top publications around the country … just check out our Press Page!

We wouldn’t be here without your continued support in spreading the word of Brenne and sharing our “little whisky that could” with so many of your friends and family. EVERY BOTTLE PURCHASED HELPS us stay here making great whisky for you! THANK YOU for standing with us and supporting this smaller-than-small business.

Until next time (hopefully not another full year!), I thank you from the bottom of my little entrepreneurial heart. ~ Allison Patel (founder of Brenne Whisky)

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